Special Dance Fundraiser for Breast Cancer

I am proud to be assiting my dear friend Tricia Brouk on a very special event to raise money and awareness for breast cancer survivors. A re-working of Tricia’s solo piece “Crossing” will be featured on the program but this time it will be danced by 4 new dancers and incorporating Latin and ballroon dance. The event, “A Tribute”, is the brain child of So You Think You Can Dance chorographers Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin and will take place Saturday, October 25th at the Danny Kaye Playhouse in NYC. The evening promises a magnificent showcase of the best professional and amateur Latin and Ballroom dancers in New York City. Joining the cast include special guests Sabra Johnson and Neil Haskell from So You Think You Can Dance Season 3. Also performing on stage will be Latin Dance Champions Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova, as well as the award-winning opera star Aprile Millo, of the Metropolitan Opera. For ticket information please visit www.dancetimessquare.com.



Thank You, Christine!

I received a lovely message from a woman named Christine who has been doing my Shape workouts on Exercise TV. And I have to tell you, it made my day. I have been so busy lately and was getting all caught up in the business side of my work. I was also beginning to feel that I wasn’t really “reaching” people anymore. And then this note arrived.

I have been doing your interval cardio, bikini body upper  and abs cardio circuit on exercise tv – they are awesome – I am 42 years old and am in better shape than I was when I was 22.  Although the workouts are challenging, you always have an encouraging word to get me through.  I have learned how to push myself and quite often find myself using your phrase “you can do 1 more of anything” not only in my workouts, but in all aspects of my life. 

It reminded me of why I became a teacher in the first place. We never really know how many people we can touch with what we do. So it is up to us, the teachers, to continue to motivate, inspire and provide efficient and effective workouts for everyone out there. 

Christine, thank you for helping me out this day. Keep up the good work and I promise to do the same.

Shape Fit For Fun – Book Now!!

I wanted to let everyone know about an exciting event being hosted by Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines in Jamaica in December. The Shape Fit For Fun Vacation runs December 7-14, 2008 and features some great presenters and events. And it is being hosted at the beautiful Sandals Resort Grande Ocho Rios. The Fit for Fun Program is an eclectic blend of challenging group fitness and target training classes, mind/body and nutrition workshops and fashion, beauty and grooming sessions for a synergistic approach to overall health and well being. The program will incorporate the great outdoors and the fitness center for such activities as morning hikes, pool aerobics, beach workouts, target training, water and sand volleyball, poolside fashion shows, moonlight yoga, drumming circles on the beach and so much more! You will leave feeling fit, alive and informed. I am thrilled to be teaching classes all week and will be joined by old friends Jeffey Scott, Jon Giswold, Misty Tripoli, Benjamin Black, Jacqui Stafford, Teri Hanson and new friends Brent Bookbush and Kent & Maria Burden. Visit www.shape.com/fitforfun for more information and to register. Come on – December in Jamaica?!?!? What could be better? See you there.

Biggest Loser 2008!

I once again got the opportunity to work with the wonderful cast and crew of NBC’s Biggest Loser on another workout DVD production. This is our 4th production and I think it is the best. Bob Harper did a great job leading the workouts delivering his classic motivational cuing and the back up cast was truly inspiration. We always use previous and current cast members and winners in the DVDs and they always amaze me. Their dedication and tenacity are contagious and I always leave these shoots so energized! Past winners Bill and Ali look great and kept the new contestants on their toes. Look for these new programs from Biggest Loser around Christmas. 

Long Awaited Update

I guess you might have noticed that it has been 8 months since I lasted posted on this blog. My deepest apologies. But the good news is that I have been very, very busy.

Since November 2007 I have worked on and/or choreographed several new DVD projects including several titles for The Firm, Denise Austin, American GladiatorsKettlenetics with the lovely Michele Khai and Dance of the Inches with Kristina Milova. Next week we are shooting programs with an exciting new product for The Firm, so be on the lookout! And at the end of August we are shooting another DVD series for the popular TV show, The Biggest Loser. Once again we will be featuring Bob and Jillian along with actual contestants from the show. 


Gaiam/GT Media has released 2 DVDS from Cal Pozo’s new DanceFit line featuring Tracey Mallet and myself leading a cardio mix of jive, latin and disco. In addition, I lead a third DVD called DanceFit Sculpt Legs and Abs. You can purchase these items from Amazon or from www.calpozo.com.

I was honored to present for two of my favorite organizations this year, ECA and DCAC. ECA NYC was a blast as usual and this year they also conquered Boston as well. DCAC also ventured out for the first time in Houston and it was a huge success. I leave tomorrow for DCAC in it’s original home. Both times I presented for Body Bar and Smartbells.

This year I am proud to announce that I have taken a position with Equinox. Along with the fabulous Lashaun Dale, I am the National Creative Manager for Group Fitness. Working with Lashuan and my big boss, National Director or Group Fitness, Carol Espel, has been a wonderful experience and I just love all the the GFMs across the country. 

On the dance front, I continued my relationship with the Power Company in South Carolina as we re-staged all the sections of Dan Wagoner’s master work, Plod. The dancers in the company as well as apprentices from Columbia College put in an enormous amount of work and it showed. They looked great! On a personal note, I had my first formal dance performance with Ben Munisteri Dance Projects since my back injury last year. It was great to be dancing again and as always, Ben’s choreography gave me a lot to work with. It was a fantastic evening!

Well, that is it for now. Thanks for visiting my blog.

SCAHPERD, Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC once again hosted the annual SCAHPERD convention November 8-11, 2007. I had attended this convention many times as a college student representing the Columbia College Dance Ensemble but this year I was actually a presenter! Gordon Brown, the inventor of the Body Bar Flex hosted me and we taught several sessions using the innovative Body Bar Flex. Dancers, dance teachers, middle school and high school PE teachers and college students all filled the room for our sessions. It was great working with Gordon who gave me many new ideas for my own classes. 

For more information on Body Bar Flex please visit www.bodybar.com

In addition I was asked to teach a modern technique class the following day. Although I only had 50 minutes it was a joy to have some many people in my class. Everyone from college students from Coker College, high school students from School of Arts to professionals from Charleston, SC like Jocelyn, Pam and Eliza. I think I had the most fun with my dear friend Bett Myrick. Still my idol and dancing up a storm! 

And to top it off Martha Brim (superhero dance professor at Columbia College) and Wrenn Cook (queen bee Dance Chair at Columbia College) both received awards from SCAHPERD. Congrats to you both. 

I hope to be back next year if they will have me. Many thanks to Stevie, Chepko, Wanda Ebright, Lori Williams, Pam O’Bryant and Crystal Bedford for all their support and organization.

Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC

I absolutely love returning to the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC every year as the resident choreographer! These students work so hard in the 5-6 days that I have them and they give me 110%.  

This year (October 29-November 5, 2007) I choreographed a piece for 17 dancers in the morning class that was inspired by paintings by the Dutch artist Vermeer. The dancers contributed their own choreography to the piece and worked very hard on pulling it all together. 

For the afternoon class I set experts from a piece that I had originally choreographed for the Power Company in Columbia, SC. The Wonderful Thing features a large group section plus a series of duets to music by the Sun Ra Arrkestra and Al Green. Once again these gilrs amazed me with their maturity and willingness to go for it. 

Jan Woodward, the dance instructor at the FAC does an outstanding job day to day with the students and always has them well prepared from my short visit. And FAC director Dr. Roy Fluher drops in from time to time to check their progress. I think they get a little bit more excited to perform when he is watching! 

What the FAC is doing is SC is so important for dance, theater, visual arts, creative writing, music, film and video prodcution.  

Please check out their website at www.fineartscenter.net

The pieces will be performed several times in SC in early 2008. 

Break a leg!

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